There’s something about these two pictures that just doesn’t seem right….

Not gonna lie, I love the skier/snowboarder beef. Arguing about what’s a better way to slide down a hill covered in snow is pure comedy by default.

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Simply put– it doesn’t matter, which is the sticking point of Jake Burton’s priceless Halloween costume this year. The founder of Burton snowboards dawned a perfect Lindsey Vonn race outfit before ditching the threads in favor of a more ‘au naturale’ look.

“Hey Lindsey (Vonn). Happy Halloween. See you at the Olympics. I will be the one with the snowboard. Love, Jake”Jake Burton Instagram Post

The move was aimed at Vonn, who last year said that it’d be “Super Great” if snowboarders could ride on separate mountains. Hilarious… right?

Now It’s Time To Feast your eyes….

Gotta love that caption. Pure snowboard/skier beef that’s not too serious. Key phrase– ‘not too serious.’

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