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[Forecast courtesy of Powderchasers]

After a stormy first 3 weeks of October, the month is coming to an end with fairly dry conditions across the west, thanks to a pervasive ridge of high pressure that stretches from Colorado to British Columbia.

This trend will soon come to an end during the last few days of the October, as the ridge retreats to the west– eventually building into a “mega ridge” over Alaska. This is a good general pattern for cold and snowy weather in the west, thanks to a trough developing downstream.

Image: WXBell

This pattern looks to stick around for the first two weeks of November, providing several chances for cold and snow. In a La Nina-like pattern, the cold will initially set up in the central and northern US. Later in the month this pool of cold air from Canada could shift farther west and impact more of the rocky mountains.

Image: WXBell

The chances for snow will initially focus on interior BC, Alberta, and the eastern side of the rocky mountains. But as the ridge retreats further into Alaska, the trough will shift respectively– bringing the storm track farther west and allowing the PNW and possibly Northern California to get in on the action. These cold outbreaks and storms are well out of the good confidence range, however the data points to a significant pattern change that will allow for both cold and snow chances for the Western US are decent.

There is some data that points to the second half of the month remaining cold in the West. Stay tuned for detailed forecasts as we get closer to the first storm, which could start around the middle of next week!

-COLD AND SNOWY NOVEMBER IN THE WEST!!!, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings