Colorado State Leads The Outdoor Recreation Industry With Tourism Master's Program

Colorado State Leads The Outdoor Recreation Industry With Tourism Master's Program


Colorado State Leads The Outdoor Recreation Industry With Tourism Master's Program


For those lucky enough to find their passions entangled with untracked slopes, weeklong raft trips, or miles of smooth singletrack– the time is now to turn that passion from a way of life into a way of living.

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By offering online access to its Master of Tourism Management program, Colorado State University is continuing to lead the outdoor recreation industry into the 21st century.

Giving future entrepreneurs and managers the skills they need to meet the challenges of a fast-changing global environment, The Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at Colorado State University (CSU) is happy to launch an online and on-campus Master of Tourism Management (MTM) to help meet demand for qualified professionals in this evolving industry

“Every year, the global tourism industry directly contributes $7.6 trillion to the global economy and provides roughly 292 million jobs.”

In Colorado, 2016 outdoor recreation spending topped $28 billion and is seemingly sky rocketing, posting a post-recession 37% increase in total visitations compared to the national average of 17% (Denver Post). Gaining a graduate degree in tourism is more than just about gains, but grins.

Because at the end of the day– this industry isn’t about a bottom line. It’s about smiling so hard all day ripping pow turns that your face hurts. It’s the joy of sliding through miles of single-track. Or standing in the pure tranquility of a sunrise from above 14k feet.

Being outdoors in nature-based tourism is about a love for authentic transformational experiences that can’t be gained climbing a corporate ladder or pushing papers for more zeroes on a bi-monthly paycheck. Even Forbes is taking notice with a recent report that says people spending money on experiences are happier and more fulfilled compared to the national average.

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MTM’s course can be completed in just 9 months at CSU’s campus in Fort Collins, CO– or at your own pace online. The curriculum spans multiple disciplines and focuses on social, technological, environmental, economic, and political aspects of the tourism industry. MTM integrates a hybrid learning environment, through online provision of learning materials, assignments, and guest lectures from prominent industry leaders. Above all, the program is informed by an Advisory Board of heralded outdoor recreation and tourism leaders who have regular interaction and investment in the students of this program.

There’s never been a better time to turn your passions into a career by studying tourism… naturally.

Find out more here: Colorado State University | Master Of Tourism Management

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