Introducing Patagonia's New Trade-In Policy

Introducing Patagonia's New Trade-In Policy


Introducing Patagonia's New Trade-In Policy


Photo: Yukiko Matsuoka 

Patagonia continues to do mother earth and its customers a solid– it’s just what they do as a company.

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This time around, the apparel manufacturer is allowing its customers to return old, Worn-Wear items in exchange for credit at any of Patagonia’s stores. Tired of that old Synchilla– turn it in. Simply want to get rid of that musky puffy in exchange for a new Black Hole Duffel– done and done.

“As individuals, the single best thing we can do for the planet is keep our stuff in use longer and reduce our overall consumption in the process” – Patagonia

The new exchange program seeks to put old “worn-wear” into the hands of those who may not be able to afford a new Micro Puff Hoody, but can afford a used Down Snap-T instead. Meanwhile return customers can keep their wardrobe up-to-date by exchanging old items for that hot new piece they’ve been eyeing since the end of last ski season. Win-Win.

Find out more here: Patagonia Worn Wear

About Worn Wear

We accept Patagonia clothing that functions perfectly and is in good condition. When you bring us your quality, used Patagonia gear we’ll give you credit that can be used in Patagonia retail stores, on and We accept most Patagonia garments including Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ in both sportswear and technical styles. We also accept Patagonia luggage. Please call your Patagonia store for more information, or click here to find out how much your clothes are worth.

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