Aspen Skiing Company CEO Come Out In Support DACA

Aspen Skiing Company CEO Come Out In Support DACA


Aspen Skiing Company CEO Come Out In Support DACA


SkiCo CEO Mike Kaplan came out in strong support of “Dreamers” in a recent post on the Aspen Snowmass Facebook page:

“A message from our CEO, Mike Kaplan: To the hundreds of Dreamer families and friends in the Roaring Fork Valley and to the 800,000 nationwide: Aspen Snowmass values you. We believe you deserve a future in the United States. You are genuine assets to this country. Indeed, you are its bright future. And importantly, you are us—our employees, our guests, our communities, our future. To President Trump: the decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy can only be described as shortsighted and a direct violation of the principles and history that have made our country great. You have made us feel a profound sense of sadness and shame. To the members of congress: It is now up to you to right this cruel and inhumane act. Stand up for decency. Stand up for humanity. Remind the world what truths we hold self-evident here in America.”

The post received hundreds of likes, shares and comments with both positive and negative responses ranging from full support:

To questioning if a boycott would be an appropriate response for Trump supporters:

While some of us may venture to the mountains for a temporary safe haven from nearly inescapable political turmoil that seems to have pervaded every aspect of our lives in recent times, you can’t fault a CEO for making it clear how he feels about a subject that can effect his employees, customers and the country where he does business. Feel free to comment.

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