Mont Blanc with the Aiguille du Mont Blanc on the looker’s left | Photo: Cristian Bortes | Cover: Tangopaso

Putting a definition on what it means to be a bad mother is a hard thing to do. Lucky for us, this isn’t one of those times.

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According to, a pair of 9 year-old twins and their mother were rescued off Mont Blanc on Saturday after the weight of their packs became to much to bear. A mountaineer who was previously at the Gouter Refuge with the family said that he later spotted the children,  paralysed, crying and no longer able to move under the weight of their packs.” The mother and twin children were also accompanied by their father and a friend, all of whom are Hungarian.


Authorities with the PGHM mountain rescue unit recovered the mother and children via helicopter while the father and friend continued their summit attempt. Once they were all recovered, the captain of the PGHM ‘made a point of speaking to the parents in person.’ We imagine he had some very choice words for the adults involved.

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