A Denver man might need to bone up on the legality of legal weed after handing “a couple of nugs” to a group of ciggy smoking minors at the base of Steamboat Resort whom he believed were 18. The legal age in which one can smoke marijuana in Colorado is 21.

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According to the Steamboat Today, 31 year-old Sean Geary believed he was doing a group of stoners a solid when he answered their request for some weed by gifting them some “nugs” in front of a local bike shop. At the time, he thought the group of minors were of the legal age because they were puffing on cigarettes. The accused later told officers that he believed the kids were 18 years-old, the point at which he also thought obtaining and possessing marijuana was legal.

An affidavit revealed that Geary admitted to gifting the sticky icky to “those kids.” That admission, along with an uncooperative attitude, landed the Denver man in handcuffs. He is currently charged with two felonies and his bond is set at $2,000.

Which leads us to our next point, never give weed to complete strangers– Especially if they look like Kids…

Find the entire Steamboat Today article here: Man suspected of giving marijuana to juvenile at Steamboat Ski Area faces two felonies

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