Vail Resorts Makes 'Epic Promise' To Achieve 'Net-Zero' Emissions By 2030

Vail Resorts Makes 'Epic Promise' To Achieve 'Net-Zero' Emissions By 2030


Vail Resorts Makes 'Epic Promise' To Achieve 'Net-Zero' Emissions By 2030


Vail’s frontside | Photo: Dbenbenn | Cover Photo: Doug Letterman

Climate Change is the #1 offender when it comes to smaller snowpacks, shorter seasons… and for skiing’s most iconic resort group– smaller profits.

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So in order to protect the planet and their shareholders, Vail Resorts is pledging to work towards net-zero emissions along with zero landfill waste at all of their partner resorts by 2030. Titled the “Epic Promise for a Zero Footprint,” the resort group will begin to cut down its environmental impact by replacing its current energy sources with completely renewable ones.

In addition to energy sources, resort executives hope to create sustainable snow making methods in addition to planting trees to offset “the use of other types of energy.”

“The environment is our business, and we have a special obligation to protect it.” – Rob Katz, CEO Vail Resorts

In addition to reducing their carbon footprint, the resort is also pledging to cut out its landfill waste completely by 2030. The resort group hopes to achieve this end by improving current composting and recycling systems while encouraging its vendors and guests to adopt the same goals.

The move was inspired by Whistler Blackcomb’s commitment to hydro-electric and sustainable “Zero Operating Footprint” practices. The water-powered plant returns a whopping amount of energy to Whistler’s grid, matching the ski resort’s giant annual demand.

Find the entire Vail Resorts release here: Vail Resorts Makes an Epic Promise – Commits to Zero Net Operating Footprint by 2030

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