How do you make a Dark & Snowy? If you are a mixologist (professional or hobbyist) please let us know a good recipe. Would love to pop by the Ski Bum Rum Distillery in Golden to sip on some of these ski-centric rums. Not a bad way to spend a summer afternoon.


Last Run Silver Rum has robust brown sugar flavors and notes of banana and tropical fruits. Although this flavorful rum is ideal for winter and summer cocktails, it’s so refined that you’ll also enjoy sipping it neat or on the rocks. We make Local Legend Spiced Rum with Colorado wildflower honey, cinnamon stick, allspice, black peppercorn, and other spices to make an impossibly delicious spiced rum, the stuff of legends. You’ll want to share this rum only with your closest friends, and even then you’ll have to guard it.

Handmade with grated coconut, real vanilla bean and Colorado wildflower honey, Edelweiss Coconut Rum has subtle notes of alpine flowers like the little, rugged edelweiss that clings to the highest cliffs, out of reach of all but the most adventurous climbers.

Here are some pics of the Ski Bum Rum Distillery tasting room in Golden, map below:

“It’s a cross between a ski bar and a forest! You can see our handmade copper pot still and bubbling fermenter in action, sit down on a stump to have a chat with our Master Distiller Ryan about our artisanal rums, and enjoy some while watching great ski movies.”


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