When it comes to the longest ski runs in the world, people usually bring up Chamonix’s Vallee Blanche or Alpe d’Huez’s La Sarenne.” Rarely, if ever, is North America included on the list. But if we’re talking vertical, Mount St. Elias takes the cake.

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This past spring, Mark Smiley, Janelle Smiley, and Jed Porter teamed up to complete what is largely considered the longest vertical ski descent in the entire world (18,000′) from summit to sea. Although they didn’t descend from the summit of Mt St. Elias due to boiler plate conditions, they still notched a seriously longest vertical descent that measured approximately 13,000′. If they had been able to descend from the summit, it would likely have been the longest ever recorded.

*Video courtesy of Mark Smiley