Not everyday you see a kickstarter project that proposes a whole new winter sport. Behold the “Tracker SkiShoes” ($170) a hybrid product combining skiing and snowshoeing. The Tracker SkiShoe might seem a bit specific and something more that your clever neighbor would be proud of rather trotting around the cul-de-sac than an actual product on the market but if you make a new ski product, by god I will find and it post it:


“Welcome to skishoeing, a new winter experience that combines two popular winter sports. It expands the horizons for skiers and snowshoers and gives beginners an opportunity to enjoy winter sports easily and safely. We want you to get the skishoe feeling. We just happen to offer the vehicle for doing that: Trackers Skishoes, a hybrid that grips the snow like a conventional snowshoe but also glides like a ski. Skishoes allow you to go off the packed trail and access terrain that might be unskiable or unreachable with cross-country skis. The concept also adds a gliding component to snowshoeing, making it more fun.

The key to Trackers Skishoes is the aluminum tracking fins that run lengthwise along the bottom, acting like sliding crampons. They give fore-and-aft traction for climbing on snow and ice when you step. At the same time, they slide through snow when you glide on the surface. But whether the ski is gliding, stepping, or stationary, the fins also keep the ski on its track and minimize lateral slide.”

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