If you live in the vicinity of Sunday River you may have heard some of the explosives work they have been doing on the old Spruce Peak Triple line. Looks like they had a good time doing it even if their GoPros took a beating:

“This blasting took place on several sections of the old Spruce Peak Triple line. The ledge up at the top looks quite a bit different now and will make for a great new pad for the top terminal of the new Spruce Peak Triple. Oh, and you can expect to ski over to Downdraft versus “up.” Progress! This work makes way for our ability to start flying in concrete for the new Spruce Peak Triple’s lift towers and top terminal, which we expect to happen in the coming weeks.”

Here is a rendering of what the new $2.1 million dollar Spruce Peak Triple three-passenger fixed grip chairlift terminal by Doppelmayr USA, Inc will look like:

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