As an investment, economists have decried the idea of putting money into malls but then again– this concept mall outside of Paris seems different than Mallrat’s, Eden Prairie Center.

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And although EuropaCity is only in its concept stage, the proposal has some serious merit. The 200 acre mega-mall would include a ski slope, concert halls, beautiful parks, restaurants, organic farming, and innovative retail space– all located just 10 miles to the northeast of Paris’ city center.

Analysts with the project predict the area to be a huge attraction– bringing an estimated 30 million visits per year, half of which will use public transit to access the new event center and retail hub.

“EuropaCity is an outstanding laboratory for possible answers to major social changes.”

In addition to the 20th century attractions, the designers concept would also be 100% sustainable with energy production being located on-site. Right now, the designers are hoping to have their proposal approved so they can commence construction sometime in 2017.

*Details concerning the snow park are still unclear and we will update this story as we receive more information. 

Notable Attractions:

  • Ski Slope With Ice Bar
  • Modern Circus Venue
  • 25 Acre Park
  • Outdoor/Indoor concert halls
  • Outdoor/Indoor retail space
  • Theme Park + Water Park
  • Food Truck Court
  • Skate Park
  • Organic Farm

Find out more here: EuropaCity

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