Here’s a fresh idea….install these cameras with flatscreen monitors at the base of ski resorts so people can apply and ensure full coverage.  Brand them and its a win for everyone. If you want to buy your own pre-order for $119 HERE. This is their pitch:

“Since sunscreen’s job is to absorb UV light before it hits your skin it looks dark when you look at it through Sunscreenr. Unprotected skin appears light. Sunscreenr is made possible by the combination of several key components: a special filter that removes all light except the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs, a completely custom lens made from special materials and a carefully selected sensor that can actually respond to UV light. We combined that hardware with our proprietary image processing algorithms to deliver an image to you that shows where sunscreen is on your skin.”

Simple and pretty brilliant. Outdoor sports are obviously a passion here at Unofficial and sun protection is a crucial part to both short and long term safety. Remember to apply and reapply. Stay safe and enjoy the sun!


[images from sunscreenr]

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