When it comes to finding elderly inspiration, skiers need not look further than 90+, soon to be 100+ ski team member and Little Cottonwood canyon aficionado, George Jedenoff.

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Mr. Jedenoff, who has been featured on Unofficial Networks here and here, has been making a name for himself as one of the oldest active skiers on the planet and this July, Ski Utah will honor his 100th birthday by allowing him to spend a day making turns @Snowbird.

“I love powder and I’ll look for it anywhere. If there’s just a little bit inbetween two trees– I’ll hit it.” – George Jedenoff

“Not exactly a spring chicken,” George started shredding at the ripe young age of 43 which he says, “was one of the smarted decisions I’ve made.” George has been enjoying the slopes of Alta and Snowbird ever since.

In addition to skiing Snowbird in July (*a short run off the tram we assume), George will also be honored at the 3rd Annual Wasatch Mountain Film Fest on June 19th. A short Q+A session will follow a screening of his recent film ‘Happiness.’

It seems like just yesterday we watched this first video of George presented by Ski Utah…

Cheers George!

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