Bear munchies are fierce! | Photo: Kim Robertson Facebook

Turns out policemen aren’t the only ones who crave day old donuts. A bear in Steamboat Springs recently tore apart a local’s sedan all because the owner uses the car to deliver donuts to various vendors around town.

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Owners of the Moose Watch Cafe, a local’s favorite donut spot and the home to the best biscuits in town, Kim and Todd Robertson started their week off by waking up to find the rear end of their 2010 Ford Focus mangled by an animal.

Although there were no donuts in the car at the time, the sugary residue and its resulting smell was enough to give the mammal a crazy sweet tooth.

After further inspection, Kim noticed claw marks and surmised that the culprit was a bear, hungry for their delectable product. Police came to the same conclusion as Mrs. Robertson telling the Steamboat Today, “I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it’s us.” 

Find the entire Steamboat Today article here: Bear tries to break into doughnut delivery vehicle in Steamboat Springs

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