“High water” on the Colorado River will last exponentially longer after a late season snowstorm dumped upwards of 40″ on the higher elevations of Rock Mountain National Park | Photo: NPS | Cover Photo: California Department Of Water Resources

After a late season snowstorm clobbered the west this past week, most SNOTEL sites across the Great Basin are boasting snowpacks that are 2X their average for this time of year– meaning whitewater is about to get real from California to Colorado.

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Not surprisingly, California is the breadwinner considering their current snowpack is measuring 1,088% of its average for May 22. Let that sink in for a minute. Other winners included Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and New Mexico– all of whom are boasting snowpacks that are above 200% of their respective averages.

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All this means that rivers across the west will be brimming well into June with some rivers seeing high water conditions all the way into July. For the first time in a half decade, the Truckee River could see natural flooding until just before August…

Needless to say, Kayakers and rafters are stoked on the prospective whitewater season.

Snotel Averages State By State:

Washington: 133%

Elwha River – 2010cfs

Oregon: 250%

Rogue River – 4630cfs

California: 1,088%

Truckee River – 4490cfs

Nevada: 392%

Truckee River – 4490cfs

Utah: 271%

Green River – 18,000 cfs

Idaho: 278%

Salmon River (Whitebird) – 38,600cfs

Montana: 125%

Gallatin River – 1,720cfs

Wyoming: 198%

Snake River (Alpine) – 11,100cfs

Colorado: 134%

Colorado River (Kremmling) – 1,760cfs

New Mexico: 398%

Rio Grande (Taos) – 2,000cfs

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