Hike to the cove without a burdensome cooler | Photo (+Cover): Cold Shoulder Bags

Is there anything better than enjoying an ice cold beer atop a sun drenched summit? We don’t think so and neither does Cold Shoulder Bags.

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Born in the Wasatch with a penchant for hiking, rafting, as well as the one-off softball game– Cold Shoulder is building its cooler backpacks for outdoorsy people who like to enjoy a cold beverage at the beginning’s, middle’s, and end’s of their adventures. Because somedays, trailhead beers are just as good a way to start the day as they are a way to end it.

Cold Shoulder bags are fully insulated and hold ice for an average of 24 hours without leaking.

The items are currently on Kickstarter and if you pledge $45 or more you’ll be the first one with a Cold Shoulder in your respective ski town.

Fun the Kickstarter here: Adventure-Ready Cooler Backpack, Insert, and Sling

Our 3 Favorite Items

Everyday Backpack

Messenger Bag

Satch Sling

[protected-iframe id=”ed84a634fe0f55d2441d913e860a2bf7-65244901-84409940″ info=”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1672450018/adventure-ready-cooler-backpack-insert-and-sling/widget/video.html” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

About Cold Shoulder Bags

Cold Shoulder Bags was the answer to a simple question, “How do I keep my beer cold?”

They obvious answer is a cooler. The problem is that coolers are heavy, clumsy, and simply a pain. Cold Shoulder calls the rugged Wasatch Front home. Weekend adventures are common here, and when going to the mountains, lake, festival, or any other adventure I would always choose a backpack over a cooler. Despite my greatest hopes that my beer would stay cold long enough for my enjoyment, I was always disappointed. Why not put a cooler inside of your everyday backpack? We searched the market for a product just like this, but found nothing. This is how Cold Shoulder was born.

We wanted to make a functional backpack for the daily grind, but had the capabilities to keep our beverages cold on our adventures. We decided to use a very popular roll top design and put a removable cooler inside. It worked!

The greatest part about Cold Shoulder is that it gives you the flexibility to bring your cooler everywhere in your go to backpack. The removable cooler allows your everyday pack to seamlessly transition into your weekend cooler, overcoming the hassle of a traditional cooler. Whether you’re headed to school or work, a concert or a party, the mountains or the beach Cold Shoulder will be sure to keep all your essentials nice and cold.


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