Dropping! | Photo: Zach Dischner | Cover Photo: Bureau of Land Management

Following an approval by the Bureau of Land Management, Silverton Mountain Guides are ready to add a bunch of new, below tree-line heli skiing access to their already amazing offerings in the southern San Juan mountain range.

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The Denver post is reporting that BLM officials approved the Silverton Mountain Guides’ request to trade 5,556 acres of avalanche prone terrain for 16,252 acres of mixed terrain that includes below tree-line slopes that are accessible on higher danger days.

In recent months, a number of backcountry enthusiasts decried the proprosal, saying the swap would limit backcountry access for the public. Jen Brill, co-owner of Silverton Mountain, said that after taking into account the public’s feedback, they’re happy with the final product. The BLM echoed that sentiment saying the economic benefits coupled with minimal impacts on current backcountry use makes the deal, “a win-win for everyone involved.”

Find the entire Denver Post article here: Silverton Mountain cleared to expand helicopter skiing terrain to total of 25,000 acres

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