6 Quotes By Famous Skiers That Capture The Magic Of Portillo

6 Quotes By Famous Skiers That Capture The Magic Of Portillo


6 Quotes By Famous Skiers That Capture The Magic Of Portillo


The “Portillo Magic” is undeniable | Photo: Barclay Idsal/Unofficial Networks

Portillo, like any other great ski area, leaves its guests feeling changed after each visit. For skier’s there’s certainly no other area like it in the world and furthermore there’s an intangible magic element that appears during every pilgrimage to the Laguna del Inca.

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Perhaps it’s the ghost of Princess Kora-Illé, whose burial caused the lake to turn its completely unique shade of blue. Or more likely, it’s the people. The guests that come to ski. The pros that train here. And the caring staff that surround the “Yellow Cruise Ship.”

*In their own words, some of skiing’s biggest names try to put their finger on that magic. 

Chris Davenport:

“Portillo is a small mountain that skis huge… Visiting Ski Portillo is an amazing visual experience. While skiing, you’re looking down on the Hotel Portillo, the Laguna del Inca and the switchbacks of the road leading to Ski Portillo, and it feels like you’re being pulled down into the valley below. There’s nowhere else in the world like it.”

Daron Rhalves:

“The quality of training in Portillo is better than anywhere, but the best part is the lifelong friends you make during one week here. You’re seeing each other all day long, in the dining room, on the hill. There’s a perfect flow to the Ski Portillo experience.”

Julia Mancuso:

“Portillo is a special place because it’s surrounded by incredible mountains. Everyone stays under one roof, and I like to call it the high-altitude cruise ship for elite athletes. We get up there to train speed and ski incredible mountains. It’s ski-in/ski-out, and there’s nowhere else we can do that for summer training.”

Marcus Caston:

“The relaxed and fun atmosphere is what makes Portillo special for me. You get to meet so many fun people from all over the world, and everybody is there to simply have a great time.”

Adam Clark:

“The Super C is one of the best couloirs in the world to ski, and also to shoot. High cliff walls, amazing backdrops, and skiing the Super C goes on forever.”

Ted Ligety:

“Portillo is like staying on a cruise ship, but in the middle of these huge mountains. You are at the end of the world and all you have to do is just walk out the door and you are skiing… But, my favorite part about Portillo is skiing to a long lunch at Tio Bob’s.”

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