VIDEO: Someone Made A Kickstarter For "STUMP"

VIDEO: Someone Made A Kickstarter For "STUMP"


VIDEO: Someone Made A Kickstarter For "STUMP"


If they get funded, more power to them. If they don’t, head on down to the local hardware store and buy a hammer and few nails and find a rounder in the backyard. So far they $18,461pledged of $150,000 goal and another 25 days to raise funds:  

“We created MöbileSchlägen because the traditional German game brought so much enjoyment to our friends & family. Every party we hosted at our homes involved crowds of people around large stumps playing the traditional version of this nail-hammering game.  A few people may have heard the game referred to as many different names…from now on…let’s just call it MöbileSchlägen!!!”

Jared Vincent wrote up a complete guide for the game a few years back that has been shared over 250K. Here’s a bit of it:

1. Each player, in turn, shall toss the hammer such that it makes at least one full 360-degree rotation before he touches it again. The player shall not be allowed more than one toss per turn for any reason (unless it is part of a Trick – see Rule 2a).

2. Once the hammer is caught the player shall attempt to bring it down immediately and without hesitation upon an opponent’s nail, driving it into the stump. Any attempt at “cocking” or “aiming” the hammer shall be considered foul play and subject to criticism.

2a. The standard toss is a back flip, such that the hammer flips claw first. However, all non-standard tosses are acceptable and encouraged, provided the toss does not violate Rules 1 or 2. Non-standard tosses are often referred to as “Tricks”. Click here for a list of Tricks and Trick Ideas. If the Trick includes a double toss (for example Under the Leg to Around the Back) it must remain a continuous motion and should not be an attempt to gain better control after a sub-par first toss. Attempting Tricks is considered to add general excitement to the game, and if successful, carries with it the potential for increased penalties for opponents (see Rule 3). READ ON HERE.



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