These Springtime Hacks Will Take Your Après Game To The Next Level

These Springtime Hacks Will Take Your Après Game To The Next Level


These Springtime Hacks Will Take Your Après Game To The Next Level


Let’s do this! | Photo: Big Sky Resort

Ahhh springtime in the mountains. The smell of stale beer. The soaking wet ski boots. The translucent skin on both sexes. It’s enough to make us no-call, no-show and go full send with a 30 rack of Rainier.

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But before you pop that top and put on a pair of ski blades, make sure you’re ready for après season with these 5, unofficial hacks. Trust us– we’re professionals…

Replace long underwear with swim trunks and/or bikinis

Don’t get caught wearing long underwear on days like these | Photo: kim slocombe

Long underwear during the spring months is for amateurs– plain and simple. Instead, put on your favorite swim trunks, bikini, or speedo and hit the mountain. When all is skied and done– you’re hot tub ready and your sexual appeal– undeniable.

Create a ski pole flask

Experts only… | Image: ColdPoles

If you’re lazy, just go ahead and buy a ColdPole. If you’re the industrious type, you can hack together a ski pole flask fairly easy. POWDER magazine will show you how.

Buy here: ColdPole

Make a cooler using a Drybag.

Nothing like a cold one on a hot spring day | Photo: epicbeer

This one is as easy as they come and will keep your finances from disappearing pre-offseason. Just fill a dry bag full of ice, fill with beer, and stash at the chill spot. Game over.

Buy a drybag here: NRS Drybag

Load a super soaker with Ullr

Waring: The Nerf Supersoaker Hydro-Cannon is for experienced unofficial professionals only

Like the drybag this one is very simple but requires the same general upkeep all supersoakers need– none at all. Just fill it up and dispense shots as you see fit.

Buy here: Nerf Supersoaker Hydro-Cannon

Get your skis “Pond Skim ready”

Totally unprepared | Photo: Big Sky Resort

Clark Griswold has this one down to a T. Cover the bases of your boards with a thick coat of spring wax and then proceed to apply a generous amount of Glad Non-Stick cooking spray to the entire ski before skiing across water like Jesus himself… They did have skis in ancient Rome right?

*We take absolutely no responsibility for any pond skim accidents that may occur due to this method

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