“An FWT competition down a volcano on the border between China and North Korea? 😮 It may become reality in the near future. This is how the adventure begins with Xavier De Le Rue and Sam Anthamatten.”

Freeride World Tour hosting an event inside a volcano that rests on the China/North Korea border…..it might seem like a hokey plot line from a corny extreme sports movie but it might just become a reality. Watch these 3 short videos about FWT’s foray into Chinese big mountain venues with snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue:

“Apparently no one has ever skied the Changbaishan volcano in China before. So we went up there and checked out potential competition faces ourselves with Xavier De Le Rue and Sam Anthamatten. ”

“Initial difficulties in finding a possible competition face wouldn’t discourage us! “On such trips you have the feeling you’re going nowhere and then suddenly everything comes together.” 

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