5 Must Have Items For ANY Powder Day [PT. 2]

5 Must Have Items For ANY Powder Day [PT. 2]


5 Must Have Items For ANY Powder Day [PT. 2]


Gear that doesn't stop after first chair | Photo:

Gear that goes from first chair to last call | Photo: Dan Wright | Cover photo: U.S. Army

Creating quality ski gear usually starts with one thing in mind– POWDER CONDITIONS.

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Listed below are 5 items that will keep skiers and riders in the deep stuff without having to dry out, warm up, or grab food at the overpriced and overcrowded lodge.

Tram, Handle, Grizzly, Stash, And Tiki Bars by Kate’s Real Food


Forget that Clif bar and reach for some ‘Real Food’ instead. Whether that’s the Tram, Stash, Grizzly, Handle, or Tiki Bars– you can’t go wrong with any of Kate’s Real Food on a powder day. So skip the soup at the lodge, stay on the chair and eat a ‘Grizzly Bar’ (dark chocolate, trail mix, and peanut butter) instead.


Buy here: Kate’s Real Food

Airblaster Ninja Suit


Tired of multiple base layers that don’t quite fit together? Ditch those separate pieces and get one, utilitarian piece of clothing that’ll keep you warm and cozy on those cold, snowy chairs. When it comes time to lay by the roaring fire, the opposite sex will swoon at the pure MOJO exuded by this baselayer.


  • 4-Way stretch wicking air tech fabric
  • Thumb loops at cuff
  • 350 degree waist zip

Buy here: Airblaster Ninja Suit

Caribou Wool Boot by Sorel


Never let shoveling the deck soak your feet again! We like Sorel’s, Caribou Wool for its classic style that holds tough in winter weather. Right now the shoe that normally retails for $170 is on sale for only $99!


  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Temperature rated to -40 degrees

Buy here: Sorel Men’s Caribou Wool Boot

Topographic Facemask By Kind Design


When it comes to buffs, don’t skimp on some cheap, thin as paper buff. Instead get one of these high quality facemasks from Colorado’s very own, Kind Design. While the materials are sure to keep you warm, the topographic designs are what truly set these apart in the colorful market of buffs. Right now, Kind Design offers 34 ski area topographic maps on their facemasks. They include ski areas like Jay Peak, A-Basin, Jackson Hole, Squaw, and Snowbird among others.


  • Made in Colorado
  • UPF 50+
  • Moisture-wicking

Buy here: Topo Facemask

Ridiculously Rad Onesie


There’s a reason the onesie defined the era of “Extreme Skiing.” For one, all that hip checking required outwear that wouldn’t let snow into one’s ass and secondly– looks were all that mattered. Score both by picking up one of these rad onesies and let all those other posers know that you’re the best skier on the mountain.


  • 10,000 mm waterproof rating, fabric and insulated lining rated down to 20 degrees
  • Double breasted snap pockets and hidden retractable waterproof storm hood.
  • Heavy-duty waterproof zippers and waterproof elasticized tab cuffs.
  • Exterior waist adjustment, adjustable elastic boot cuff, and under leg zippered ventilation.
  • Please note, our ski suits are unisex sizing.

Buy here: Electric Blaze Ski Suit

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