VIDEO: Hybrid Step-In/Strap-In Bindings Based On Bear Traps

VIDEO: Hybrid Step-In/Strap-In Bindings Based On Bear Traps


VIDEO: Hybrid Step-In/Strap-In Bindings Based On Bear Traps


If you are looking for easier way to strap in but can’t see yourself in full on step-ins, consider this hybrid biding by Launch. This innovative binding design was introduced in 2013 but never really got any traction in the market. It is still available through Launch Snowboards ranging between $299.00-$349.00.  Has anyone tried these things? 2016 Launch Board Technology 529465_10152556360195595_317052979_n

ABOUT: In the past years, different concepts have been developed and many prototypes have been thoroughly tested. Based upon these results and the input of experienced snowboarders, we created this revolutionary product.

STRAP-IN™ SYSTEM: Our patented Strap-In™ system allows you to quickly snap into your bindings, and is a default feature on all our models.

SO, BASICALLY…It works like a bear trap.

THE SHIFT IN CATCHING A LIFT: This system means you don’t have to figure out anymore where to put your one loose foot on the lift. No clumsy moves. No falling over. It might even save you some time!

PRESSURE RELIEF: Closed straps leave the upper part of your feet open so the pressure is divided on the lower parts and sides of your feet. By keeping the instep free, important sinews remain free from pressure. Because of this, your feet also stay warm longer. (Less block on your bloodflow). When the sinews on top of your feet are pressed, you will experience discomfort after a while. We believe snowboarding should be enjoyable for hours without painful feet. Hundreds of snowboarders have already secured their trip with the comfort of Launch’s Beyond series bindings.tm_blk_voor-a2313e4fe4_large

[images fromLaunch Snowboard & facebook]

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