After 'Going OB,' Renegade Pens Apology Letter To Aspen Ski Patrol

After 'Going OB,' Renegade Pens Apology Letter To Aspen Ski Patrol


After 'Going OB,' Renegade Pens Apology Letter To Aspen Ski Patrol


What lies beyond the rope...

What lies beyond the rope…

Apparently someone named Thomas Azar ducked a rope, got caught, and is now apologizing in a unique way by writing an open letter to the Aspen Highlands ski patrol.

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The letter was recently published by the Aspen Times and shows that Azar is sorry for his reckless actions unlike someone we know by the name of TJ Burke. Burke, who pithily replied to criticism from ski school director Karl Stall about going out of bounds, simply stated, “skiing’s the easy part Karl.” Azar is apparently a little more humble than Burke…

Letter To Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol | From Thomas Azar

Dear Aspen Highlands ski patrol,

I apologize for ducking under a rope to enter a closed ski area Tuesday. Ski Patrol was setting off avalanche-control bombs in Deep Temerity and I deliberately ignored the ski boundary.

I am writing this apology letter to inform locals and visitors to respect the boundaries that ski patrol sets, especially when they are protecting skiers and snowboarders by using avalanche preventative controls. I knew better than to duck under the rope. But, the fresh powder was too tempting to wait.

Ducking the rope and ignoring ski patrol’s significant efforts to protect us is a selfish endeavor. The repercussions could include losing your pass for two weeks, police intervention and serious injury. Please learn from my mistake and do not duck under ropes on the mountains.

Once again, I am truly sorry for ducking the rope.

Thomas Azar

Find the entire Aspen Times article here: An open apology from Aspen Highlands rope-ducker

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