My tracks at Powder Mountain Utah today January 13 | Photo Credit: Powderchasers

My tracks at Powder Mountain Utah | 1/13/2017 | Photo Credit: Powderchasers

[Forecast courtesy of Powderchasers]

*If you want freshies this weekend head to the 4 corners as periods of moderate and heavy snow will be falling in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. 


The Sierra is still digging out from over 10 feet of snow that fell in the past week. Mammoth Mountain just picked up 24 inches of “Blower” last night at the upper mountain that will make for the best day of the 7 day storm cycle. They have a current base of over 200 inches! I ended up sampling the goods at the POW MOW (Powder Mountain Utah) with 62 inch storm totals and terrain opening up from being closed for 3 days. “The goods were bottomless deep set up powder with some light frosting on top making for some smooth buttery turn and a frenzy of folks that held out waiting for openings today.” Tomorrow look for Powder Country to open. Snow is going to be falling heavy at times in the 4 corners this weekend while the Sierra and Rockies get hit again mid week and perhaps again next weekend.


Light snow will be falling tonight over the San Juan mountains of Colorado and southern Utah tonight. Models confirm the NOAA forecast for 12-16 inches however it may come over 1-2 days versus any single really deep dump. There are several waves of heavier moisture showing up on the GFS and EURO especially Saturday during the day (Storm ski till the last chair 7-9 inches by closing). Light to moderate snow will continue into Sunday (Additional 5-9) so first chair may also be chase worthy. Heavy snow will focus from Wolf Creek to Silverton with lulls in the action perhaps Saturday night with increase again on Sunday. Telluride gets into the action but confidence is less with SW winds however a hint of of some shifts to the NW would really get things going there if that happens?

Total snowfall through Monday morning (3 day totals) | Image: Weatherbell

Total snowfall through Monday morning (3 day totals) | Image: Weatherbell

Light snow will also be falling in the northern sections of Colorado however amounts will be light (Steamboat, Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, etc.) just enough for a freshening after several feet has fallen at most resorts in central and northern Colorado.

New Mexico is going to be in full force beginning Sunday/Monday with heavy snow falling in northern areas of the State perhaps focussing just East and south of Taos (Angel Fire, Red River, Santa Fe). Taos should play well in the game (8-15) but may come up short compared to a few others. My gut tells me that some resorts are going to get 15-20 inches by Monday afternoon with the most falling during the day Sunday through early Monday. There appears to be some upslope winds (Easterly) so spots further East may do best. Taos is a hard act to follow that like NW winds. Winds will start out from the SW (Favoring Colorado on Saturday) and shift more SE or East on Sunday. Peak snowfall in northern New Mexico will be Sunday (Storm ski) and again Monday morning. “Models show 2-3 feet possible for spots near Santa Fe Ski area but this may be overdone.” Both Sunday and Monday will be great times to be on the slopes in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.


The Pacific Northwest including Whistler on the radar for next Tuesday/Wednesday with heavy snowfall at high elevations (summits). Low elevation rain is possible. Colder air swings into the PNW late Wednesday or early Thursday changing all precipitation to moderate or heavy snow.

The cold front from the PNW opens up into a deep trough that will kick off moderate to heavy snow in the Sierra Wednesday night/Thursday. Moderate or heavy snow is likely for central and southern Idaho, Wyoming, and perhaps southern Montana or the Pan Handle of Idaho (Further north).

The Wasatch should do best late Thursday (Fast moving system but with good cold air orographics), that zips into Colorado on Friday with moderate amounts likely.

Another decent cold storm is likely for the Sierra next weekend (Getting deep again) that should also spread East through the Rockies. Models that far out are likely to change somewhat.

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