The Sierra Is Completely BURIED | Multiple Resorts Closed For The Day

The Sierra Is Completely BURIED | Multiple Resorts Closed For The Day


The Sierra Is Completely BURIED | Multiple Resorts Closed For The Day


Today is for shoveling | Photo Credit: Squaw Valley

Today is for shoveling | Photo Credit: Squaw Valley | Cover Photo: Boreal Mountain

Kirkwood, Squaw, Alpine Meadows, June, Sugar Bowl, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Northstar, and Boreal are all closed today following 3+ Feet of snow falling in localized areas in the last 24 hours.

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Heavenly is leading the charge with 42″ of new snow reported overnight but it bears mentioning that no one is enduring a snow shortage right now in the Sierra. With all the new snow, The Sierra Avalanche Center is going so far as to recommend people stay indoors until the avalanche danger subsides.

“Power is out due to winter storm. As a result, both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are closed today, January 11. Please standby as we work through a regional power outage. On the positive side of things, we’ve received well over 3 feet in the last 24 hours!” – Squaw Valley Facebook Page

Open Resorts:

  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Heavenly (delayed – not confirmed)
  • Mt Rose (delayed – not confirmed)

Coop’s Kirkwood Snow Report

Buenos Dias my friends,

I won’t be having a Cup’O’Joe today as the power is out and I am literally stuck on Clearview in the middle of the road digging my truck out of a non-plowed road this morning since 0130… Making 3ft per hour with 100yrds to go… Called AAA for assistance, and was told they are not responding to any county roads due to the state of the roads…

This being said, SR88 over the Carson Pass and Spur are closed with NO ETO… Spoke to Cal Trans this AM and they have advised a lengthy (mid-day or longer) delay on the Pass and NO ETO on the SPUR.

#Safety is our number one concern as 36” to 48” of snow falling in the past 24hrs and our initial report of 36” to 40” yesterday was accurate. This is a 48hr total at the summit of 88” or 7’…

We are going to dig out today and prep for tomorrow. Do not expect the lifts to open and if we do get one open it will be a lower lift such as Chair 5. The last 7’ storm I remember was back in the day I want to say 95 and we had a few days of heavy lifting to do both with #SnowSafety and to dig out our base area.

If you are at Kirkwood and look out your window you will understand. If you are outside of Kirkwood and want to get in please wait patiently and let Cal Trans and our teams work through this tough period. The teams at Kirkwood are working as hard as they can and with both your safety and their safety in mind.

Take today and dig out, I’ll be back on Clearview here in a moment trying to get my truck free. If anyone wants to help that would be rad…
Have a safe and wonderful day my friends.



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