Squaw Valley Lied About Having E.Coli In Their Water System

Squaw Valley Lied About Having E.Coli In Their Water System


Squaw Valley Lied About Having E.Coli In Their Water System


e-coliCover Image: Vanka5~commonswiki | Photo: NIAID

Back in mid-November a manager within the Food and Beverage Department at Squaw/Alpine approached Unofficial Networks on the condition of anonymity concerning a possible E.coli contamination at Squaw. Turns out, this person was right on the money.

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Shortly after hearing this individuals report, we called a member of Squaw Valley’s Public Relations team on November 22nd to confirm the statement. A PR coordinator @Squaw/Alpine completely denied any and all presence of E.Coli in the water system by blithely responding to our question, “is there any E.coli presence in the water system?” with a single word– “no.”  On November 29th, The Sierra Sun confirmed that– “yes,” there was indeed E.coli in the water system that services High Camp and The Gold Coast Funitel.

  • So where does that leave Squaw Valley as an entity responsible for telling the truth and protecting its employees and guests?

Either their Public Relations department lied, they were misled by executives inside company, or they simply didn’t do their homework and proper due diligence concerning a health issue that is now on the covers of Tahoe newspapers from South Shore to King’s Beach. Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows have since reached out claiming that they did not know about the E.Coli at the time of my question (but apparently the Food and Beverage department did?).

This news should be a red flag for the California attorney general, environmentally minded locals, let alone vacationing families looking for a safe place to spend their holidays.

*We encourage any and all people who remained concerned about Squaw’s stewardship to email California’s attorney general and file a complaint here: CONSUMER COMPLAINT AGAINST A BUSINESS/COMPANY

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