[Cover Photo: Doug Letterman]

For most skiers, the beginning of ski season marks a time of certainty when pay-checks begin to arrive, leases are signed, and the snow begins to fall.

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However, four Argentinians are now finding themselves in a rather unsettling position after finding out they were duped by a craigslist scam upon arriving at an already occupied unit in east Vail on Tuesday night reports The Vail Daily. The four were simply looking to work in the Vail Valley this winter while skiing and snowboarding in their free time. The four J-1’s include Juan Monasterio, Victoria Semensi, Agustina McLean and Rosario Burgos.

The scam ultimately claimed thousands of dollars from the Argentinian foursome, who despite their bad luck are staying extremely positive. Agustina McLean expressed her gratitude to the community telling one reporter at the Vail Daily, “I think we met the only bad person in Vail. People here are nice and happy.” They are currently being housed in the Vail Town Hall as they search for a new place to live,

Find the entire Vail Daily article here: Four Argentinian J-1 workers scrambling for housing after falling victim to a Craig’s List rental scam

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