squaw-alpine-4cp-horz-stackedThe beauty part of joining two mountains under one heading is that you can hint they are both open for operation if just one of the resorts has a lift spinning. That is the case this week for Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows. Technically they are open because they are one resort with a split personality, but with only Kangaroo Lift spinning at Alpine it could get a bit confusing for your casual vacationer looking to head up from the bay after scanning the official website and facebook page the two mountain share. If you think you are skiing Squaw before the 28th, think again. screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-8-25-15-amSeems a bit misleading but hopefully unintentionally so (the joint logo doesn’t help with clarity). The good news is Alpine just got 15 inches of fresh in the last 48 hours and Squaw is hot on its heels on the 28th, also known as Cyber Monday.

Might be a tad confusing but here’s something really positive about opening day:

** All lift ticket proceeds on opening day will benefit Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Foundation (SAF), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows athletes and coaches.

…looks like they are getting additional accumulation so hopefully more terrain will open in short order:



-Before you make your first turns of the season, join us for a sparkling cider toast at the base of Kangaroo to celebrate the start of winter. 

– Skiing and riding at Alpine Meadows only. Kangaroo is scheduled to operate 9am-4pm (weather and conditions permitting)

– Squaw Alpine Express Shuttle will operate starting Nov 23

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