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Chances are, if you're skiing the first two-- you look like this
Chances are, if you’re skiing the first two– you look like this | Cover Photo: Zai Spada

While any millionaire could hire a custom ski builder to fashion a pair of golden boards with diamond inlays, the ski industry at-large only hosts a handful of manufacturers that make what we refer to as “luxury skis.”

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Most of these are meant for the bourgeois-class of the ski world. From fully customizable to gold bindings– these are the Rolls-Royce’s of the ski industry.

Foil Skis – Oro-Nero (w/binding) $12,000

The one, the only– Oro-Nero Ski by Foil | Photo Credit: Foil Skis

In every sport, there’s a boutique brand that is so lavish, so craft, and so sleek, it begs the question if the sport remains a sport or if the tool transforms the activity into what the Robb Report would refer to as a “luxury experience.” Such is the case with Foil Skis.

These skis are handmade in northern Italy by a company that considers itself a family in hopes of bringing “ageless artistry of authentic Italian craftsmanship to lovers of snow everywhere.” The crown jewel of this operation– The Oro-Nero ski.

Buy here: Foil Skis

Zai Spada $6,600-$7,100

Like a rock… | Photo Credit: Zai Spada

How hard-core are these skis– well, for one they’re the only skis with an all granite core. That’s right, these hand-made, Swiss skis are literally solid as a fucking rock.

Buy here: Zai Spada

Lacroix LXR HD$2,700

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Head to the Bogner shop next | Photo Credit:

Lacroix is famous for its ridiculously luxury offerings that partner well with Bogner fur coats. The LXR HD is just one of those offerings that offers up one of the most expensive all mountain rides in the world. Notable features include proprietary Titanal construction, carbon + kevlar + wood core, and just a bit of all-mountain rocker.

Buy here: Lacroix LXR HD Skis 2017

Romp Full Custom$2,000 (starting price)

Photo Credit: Romp Skis Facebook Page
Commence powder testing |Photo Credit: Romp Skis Facebook Page

Started in Crested Butte by a group of ski bums who wanted to simply build the perfect ski for themselves, Romp has since grown into one of the premiere custom ski builders in the USA. Their boards are receiving rave reviews and if you have the budget– might be time to get yours made by the boys at Romp.

Buy here: Full Custom Skis

Bomber Stars + Stripes$1,900

USA! USA! USA! | Photo Credit: Bomber Skis

Bomber recently burst onto the scene by signing Bode Miller, who says these are some of the best skis he’s ever turned. And if that’s not enough, proceeds from each sale will be donated to the US Ski Team. USA! USA! USA!

Buy here: Stars and Stripes

Wagner Custom $1,750 (starting price)

Photo Credit: Wagner Facebook Page
They call this one, “Steal your line” | Photo Credit: Wagner Facebook Page

As one of the first custom ski makers to break onto the scene and stay there, Wagner has built a loyal following of customers. Their skis are far from cheap but what they lack in affordability they more than make up for in performance.

Igneous Custom $1,600 (starting price)

Photo Credit: Igneous Facebook Page
Got wood? | Photo Credit: Igneous Facebook Page

Started in Jackson Hole, Igneous makes all wooden boards with a twist. Not only that but the hardwood top sheets add rigidity to the ski, giving it a burly big-mountain feel that is pure Jackson Hole.

Buy here: Igneous Skis

Stockli Stormrider Pro $1,399

Jay Bowen likes heavy metal

When it comes to powder skiing, perhaps nothing skis better than Stöckli’s Stormrider Pro. It skis like a Cadillac with the turn radius of a Porsche. Needless to say, this ski is not a waste of money– it’s an investment in pure, unadulterated happiness.

Buy here: Stormrider Pro

Renoun Skis Z-90 $1,395

Photo Credit: Renoun Skis
Looks a lot better than their Trump vs. Hillary Ski | Photo Credit: Renoun Skis

After making headlines with their hideous Trump vs. Hillary ski, Renoun is emerging as one of the more revolutionary brands in the business. They specialize in east coast carvers and their skis are as beautiful as they are fun to ride.

Buy here: The Z-90

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