"HOK Skiing" Modern Take On Ancient Siberian Ski Technique

"HOK Skiing" Modern Take On Ancient Siberian Ski Technique


"HOK Skiing" Modern Take On Ancient Siberian Ski Technique



Inspired by an ancient an ski technique pioneered in the Altai mountains of Siberia, Hok Skiing combines the advantages of snowshoes and skis:

The Hok, is a ski to be used whenever and wherever there is snow. With a partial climbing skin integrated into the base, the ski climbs with ease. The skin also makes the ski slower and easier to control than traditional skis. The ski’s short, wide design makes it incredibly maneuverable, ideal for thick woods and variable terrain, a truly all-purpose backcountry tool.”

As with telemark skis, only the toe is attached while the heal remains free. Hok skis come equipped with skins and are much shorter than regular skis (adult sizes 125cm – 145cm). They are compatible with most hiking and snow boots but can also be used with teleboots.

They are gaining popularity in the Alps, especially in places popular with snowshoers like the Vercors, Jura, Massif Central, and Vosges mountains according to Yahoo News. Several French ski resorts have begun renting Hok ski equipment and offer introductory classes.

Altai Skis sells complete Hok Ski packages starting at $299. Not a bad price point if you ask me. The package includes: 

– The Hok ski, either 125cm or 145cm

– Our HD 3pin binding with all screws and custom heel pieces (no drill mounting)

– A Tiak (single pole) either Medium or Large

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If you want to add a Scarpa T4 boot to the package you’re then looking at a package price $569.00.t4-image-e1393898049387-300x258

Here is a gallery of images from Altai Skis Websitep1260040-edit p1260160  p10701631    l-cover-image6  p1260149-1024x763l-cover-image5screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-4-38-32-pm

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