Heli-Skiing Is Coming To Idaho's Selkirk Mountains

Heli-Skiing Is Coming To Idaho's Selkirk Mountains


Heli-Skiing Is Coming To Idaho's Selkirk Mountains


The bird | Photo Credit: Selkirk Powder Company

The bird | Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Selkirk Powder Company

Idaho’s northernmost mountains, the Selkirks are home to some of the best ski terrain in North America and now skiers and riders will be able those mountains via helicopter starting this season.

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Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, Selkirk Powder Company will begin guiding helicopter-based ski trips into the mountains starting this March in limited areas surrounding the Selkirk Crest and Priest Lake zones reports The Spokesman-Review. So far, all operations will take place on state-managed property. The operation window is currently very short with fly days from March 3rd to the 19th.

“We have plenty of state forest land to work with, but we may pursue the Forest Service in the future.” – Alf Cromwell, Marketing Director Selkirk Powder Company (*Quote Courtesy of The Spokesman Review)

While USFS land is not a part of the deal, SPC representatives indicated that pursuing a future lease with the Forest Service is not out of the question.

Find the entire Spokesman Review article here: Heli-skiing to debut in Idaho Selkirks

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