Unofficial Picks: Top 5 Powder Skis | 2016-2017

Unofficial Picks: Top 5 Powder Skis | 2016-2017


Unofficial Picks: Top 5 Powder Skis | 2016-2017


Photo Credit: Rossignol | Cover Photo:

Photo Credit: Rossignol | Cover Photo: Elan Skis

While the west goes through one of the driest early seasons in recent memory, it bears noting that this too– will pass.

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So with chest deep days in mind, we thought we’d compile our five favorite powder skis for the 2017 ski season. Thanks to SIA (and Ullr), we were lucky enough to try out a boat load of this year’s powder skis @CopperMountain on everything from groomers to cold smoke and this is what we liked the most.

Unofficial Picks: 5 favorite powder skis | 2016/2017 ski season.

5) Elan – Ripstick 116


Elan Skis is making a splash in the freeride community with its Ripstick 106 receiving awards from all around the ski industry. What’s going unnoticed is Elan’s larger offering– the Ripstick 116. The 116 is a hard charging, poppy powder ski with a full sidewall profile that breathes race-room engineering.

Features + Technology

  • TNT Technology
  • Amphibio Profile
  • SST Sidewall
  • Vapor Tip Inserts
  • Tubelite Woodcore

Find out more here: Ripstick 116

4) Volkl – Confession


Volkl took its newly revamped ski construction and applied it to its uncompromising big mountain offering– The Confession. The ski is burly and strong and requires its owners to ski accordingly.

Features + Technology

  • Multi Layer Woodcore
  • Construction
  • Titanal Band
  • Full Sidewall
  • Carbon Stringer

Find out more here: Volkl Confession

3) Rossignol Super 7 HD


From its start as the now legendary “Squad 7,” Rossi is now taking its deep day offering to the next level by cutting weight (air tips and tails) and adding stiffness underfoot. The result is one of the most versatile powder skis on the market that can shred powder, variable snow, and hard surfaces with surprising ease.

Features + Technology

  • Carbon Alloy/Paulownia Wood Core
  • MINICAP Sandwich Construction
  • Mincap Sandwich Construction
  • Powder Turn Rocker Design

Find out more here: Rossingol Super 7 HD

2) Black Crows – Anima


The Anima is the big mountain, freestyle powder shredder the newschool has been waiting for. It’s versatile and functional– the same of which could not be said for the Atomic’s Bent-Chetler. So if you’re a traditional skier who likes to play around with the freestyle side of things– this ski is for you.

Features + Technology

  • Double rocker
  • Short classic camber
  • Extended sidecut
  • Consistent and progressive tip rise
  • Very progressive flex in the tip and tail, but stiffer where the ski touches the snow

Find out more here: Black Crows Anima

1) Stockli – Stormrider Pro 115

At $1,399, there’s a reason this ski is the best on the market. Engineered and handmade in Switzerland, Stöckli created a ski that is as burly as it is forgiving. By taking some stiffness out of the tip and tail while adding rigidity underfoot, the Stormrider Pro 115 is hands down the most maneuverable, damp, and fun powder ski we’ve ever had the opportunity to test. Now all we need is $1.5k to afford the damn thing.

Features + Technology

  • Powder Rocker
  • Solid metal edge
  • Dual titanal layup
  • 3 dimensional-taper

Find out more here: Stockli Stormrider PRO 115 Skis 2017

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