High Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park | Photo Credit:
High Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park | Photo Credit: Indrik myneur | Cover Photo: USFS Region 5

September saw one of the biggest marijuana busts in NPS history after officers discovered a grow operation that included 3,000 plants worth roughly $7.5 million dollars.

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According to Yubanet.com, authorities found the illegal grow site near the Yucca Creek drainage just west of Generals Highway. So far, officers have yet to find the grower(s) responsible for the operation and have since launched an investigation to find those responsible.

“Trash is left everywhere and herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals accumulate in the watershed. The cultivators poach native wildlife, clear-cut acres of forest, and create unauthorized trails.” Ned Kelleher, Chief Ranger – Sequoia National Park

However, grow ops like these are not uncommon at the National Park. Ever since NPS officials and local authorities starting keeping tabs on such violations, they have discovered and destroyed nearly 270,000 marijuana plants worth $911 million dollars.

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