Check Please? | This Is The Only 5-Star Heli Op In The World

Check Please? | This Is The Only 5-Star Heli Op In The World


Check Please? | This Is The Only 5-Star Heli Op In The World



While Heli-skiing is already considered an extremely expensive bucket list item, one lodge in Chile takes the cake for its out of this world luxury and Richard Branson inspired penchant for adventure.

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Wedged in between the Argentinian border and the National Reserve Rio Los Cipreses, The Noi Puma Lodge accesses some of the best heli skiing in the world via one of the most beautiful lodges ever constructed.

“The terrain is terrific. The lodge is magnificent. The food was excellent and the staff was very friendly. It is in a very secluded national park area. It feels like a 5 star lodging in a totally pristine area.”Alex from Illinois

All in all, the lodge encompasses 59,200 sq feet of world class spa facilities, 5-star hotel rooms, and luxury dining opportunities. Not to mention, the heli-skiing is all-time. In addition to the heli-skiing and ice climbing, occupants during the summer months can mountain bike, hike, and climb in the surrounding mountains that make up the Central Cordillera of Chile.

  • Over 400″ of annual snowfall
  • One run that is over 9,000′ and 10 miles long

[All photos courtesy of Andes HeliBoarding]


  • 24 rooms
  • Fully equipped apartment for 6 people
  • The “El Catador” tasting room (with a cellar featuring the finest international and domestic wines)
  • Spa: a gym, two saunas, two steam baths, a massage room, two exterior wood burning hot tubs
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool

Find the full list of rates here: Puma Lodge Heliski Packages

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