How To Look Like a Local for As Little As $3

How To Look Like a Local for As Little As $3


How To Look Like a Local for As Little As $3



Tired of seeing rental technicians roll their eyes when asking where to ski this morning? That means it’s high time to pick up a brand spanking new Voile Ski Strap to signal your street cred. These bright, day-glo orange mountain man straps let everyone know that you’re ready to put yourself neck deep in the shit. Whether that means bundling your skis and poles together for a heli pickup or fashioning a sled out of skis to get your broken buddy out of the backcountry, these straps scream, “I’M READY BRO!” 

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screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-7-16-48-pmSeriously though, Voile ski straps will make your life a helluva lot easier quick. Here are 5 uses for the ski strap that will get you to the summit, save your life, or just make you look cool AF.

  • Makeshift booster strap
  • With multiple straps, skis, and poles– a makeshift rescue sled is a no brainer
  • Pole splint
  • Streamlined A-frame ski carry (no skis knocking the backs of your legs while hiking)
  • Substitute voile strap for missing backpack chest strap


If this does not work to build your cred, drop $3 on a Vitamin R tallboy and at least try to look like a local off the slopes…

Gift Idea: Polyurethane Ski Strap = The Most Versatile Must Have Item For Skiers.

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