These Are The 3 Best Avalanche Beacons On The Market

These Are The 3 Best Avalanche Beacons On The Market


These Are The 3 Best Avalanche Beacons On The Market


The first avalanche beacon...

The first avalanche beacon… Triple antenna what?

Avalanche safety equipment has come a long way since Dr. John Lawton invented the first avalanche beacon at Cornell University in 1968.

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Gone are the days of placing beacons to your ear, wistfully hoping that the signal would increase. Nowadays, your beacon does almost everything. Whether that includes directional guidance systems that cover multiple burial situations or out of this world battery life, beacons sure have come a long way. But as you’ll soon find, there are a few that have been leading the charge in ingenuity, user access, and speed.

*Avalanche beacons only reduce burial time– nothing else. 

These Are The 3 Best Avalanche Beacons On The Market

3) PIEPS DSP Pro Avalanche Beacon


Having used this model in the past, I can’t say enough about the speed and accuracy of PIEPS‘ transceivers. Also, this pro model specifically hosts one of the longest battery lives on the market and is super intuitive to use. The only negative feedback on the transceiver is the switch, in that it can be hard to flick to search mode with gloves on.


  • Three antennas Plus self-checking reference antenna
  • Smart transmitter adjusts signal to allow for the easiest solution in a multiple burial scenario
  • Circular range for extended, Symmetrical search area
  • Mark and Scan function for multiple burial scenarios
  • Digital signal processor to pick up beacons transmitting drifted signals

Buy here: PIEPS DSP Pro Avalanche Beacon

2) Mammut Pulse Barryvox


While Mammut is normally known for its soft good offerings, its transceiver is one of the best in the business. When it comes to complex, multiple burial situations, the Pulse Barryvox remains unmatched.


  • 3 antennas for simple pinpointing in close range and for deeply buried victims
  • Digital signal processing in the event of several buried victims
  • Acoustic search guidance
  • Marking of found victims (mark) and removal of previously set markers (unmark)
  • Intelligent group test
  • Automatic self-test on start up
  • Suitable for use with gloves
  • High resistance to impact and breakage
  • 100% Swiss made, developed and produced in Switzerland

Buy here: Mammut Pulse Barryvox

1) Backcountry Access Tracker3


Backcountry Access‘ new sleek, simple, and extremely light Tracker 3 should appeal to amateurs and experts alike. The new Tracker 3 boasts a lighter build, LED screen, and particularly its “Big Picture” mode makes identifying multiple buried victims a cinch.


  • Claimed Weight: 7.6 oz
  • Triple Antenna System
  • Big Picture Multiple Burial Mode
  • 5 year warranty
  • Digital Range – 55 m
  • Made in the USA

Buy here: Backcountry Access Tracker3

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