Kayaker Allegedly Hit An Abandonded Sofa During Run @RioOlympics

Kayaker Allegedly Hit An Abandonded Sofa During Run @RioOlympics


Kayaker Allegedly Hit An Abandonded Sofa During Run @RioOlympics



Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): David Merrett

While slalom kayakers are familiar with managing man-made rapids in an Olympic setting, finding an abandoned sofa in their line is something they don’t see everyday. But in Rio, the hashtag  is starting to define the games themselves.

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According to a tweet from a Sky News reporter, a submerged sofa resulted in some carnage on Friday with one olympian capsizing during a practice run.

And it doesn’t stop there. That routine roll is an accident that could have viral repercussions. Previously, SF Gate reported that biomedical expert Valerie Harwood had already recommended that olympic athletes traveling to Rio should keep their heads above water while competing in outdoor events.

“Don’t put your head under water.”Valerie Harwood on the dangerous waters @Rio2016

So far Olympic officials are investigating the incident and have yet to confirm the existence of a . That said, news of the poor conditions #RioOlympics2016 continues to mount, raising questions as to whether this is the most dysfunctional summer olympiad of all time.

Find the entire SF Gate article here: Olympic kayaker capsizes after hitting a sofa

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