Mountaineers Discover Missing Skier 53 Years Later

Mountaineers Discover Missing Skier 53 Years Later


Mountaineers Discover Missing Skier 53 Years Later


Morteratsch Glacier | Photo Credit:

Morteratsch Glacier | Photo Credit: Giac01 | Cover Photo: Daniel Schwe

It’s been 53 long years since a German skier went missing in the Swiss mountain range of Bernina and thanks to glacial melting– the search is finally over.

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After going missing on August 30, 1963, a group of mountaineers recently discovered the remains of the missing skier on the Morteratsch glacier in the canton of Graubünden reports The Local. Specialists were brought in to collect the remains and after DNA testing, they realized it was indeed the missing skier they’d been looking for all this time.


Morterastch Glacier, Graubünden | Photo Credit: Giac01 

According to reports, the man was skiing between the Boval and Marco e Rosa huts when he went missing. There are still approximately 40 people still unaccounted for in the Bernina region.

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