For Sale: Defunct Colorado Ski Area Called "Stoner Ranch"

For Sale: Defunct Colorado Ski Area Called "Stoner Ranch"

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For Sale: Defunct Colorado Ski Area Called "Stoner Ranch"


Photo Credit: Stoner Ranch

Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Stoner Ranch

The San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado are home to some of the most stunning mountain landscapes in the world and the Stoner Ranch is smack dab in middle of it.

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This ranch is every outdoorsmen’s dream and for a measly $13.9 million, it could all be yours. Among other amenities, The Stoner Ranch used to be home to Stoner Ski Area (1951-1985) and the remaining trails create perfect ski touring possibilities right out your back door. In total, three main descents with countless variations offer 1,260′ descents into the Dolores River Valley.

[Photos courtesy of The Stoner Ranch Website]

In addition to the ski area, the property boasts 1.7 miles of riverfront access to the free flowing, upper Dolores River. The fly fishing is some of the best in Colorado and being bordered on three sides by national forest, the possibilities for outdoor adventure are virtually endless.

“During the down times—when you’re not skiing, fishing, or hiking—there is a lot to soak in during your stay at Stoner Ranch. Colorful sunsets over the grazing pastures, the full moon shining on the lazy Upper Dolores River, breath-taking stars that unfurl on clear nights, and an abundance of wildlife—like herds of migrating elk and soaring eagles—that call the ranch home are just a few examples of what greets guests at Stoner Ranch.”Stoner Ranch Website

Tired of skinning and want a day at the resort? Telluride is only a 50 minute drive away, which sure beats the I-70 hustle on Saturday morning.

Find out more here: Stoner Ranch 

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