Fly Fishing 2
Cover Photo: World Cast Anglers Facebook Page

Hardcore fly fisherman are a funny bunch. For the 5 months between ski seasons, these crusty mountain town specimens become completely focused solely on “the tug,” which they claim “is the drug.” Yet while the amount of booze and weed they consume says otherwise, these individuals alienate themselves from their mountain biking, rafting, and climbing friends to hang out with a small group of anglers for an entire season– But Why?

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First of all, fly fishing is like golf in that it takes a lot of time to get good. Secondly, once you get good you don’t want to fish with people who suck. Sound familiar skiers?

The result is an onslaught of fish pics on social media and a singular summer spent “ripping lips.”

Here are the 5 Signs Your Fly Fishing Addiction Is Getting Out Of Hand.

5) Every Instagram post includes a picture of yourself with a fish in hand.

Photo Credit: Fish The Fly Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Fish The Fly Facebook Page

4) You have more than 10 long sleeve shirts with breathable vents.


3) Tropical vacations are spent entirely on a flats boat.

Flat Boat

2) Camping trips are restricted to “overnights” spent on the river.

Photo Credit: World Cast Anglers
Photo Credit: World Cast Anglers

1) You have more fishing poles than friends during the summer.

Fly Fishing Rod

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