VIDEO: Colorado Recognized As National Leader for "Outdoor Economy"

VIDEO: Colorado Recognized As National Leader for "Outdoor Economy"


VIDEO: Colorado Recognized As National Leader for "Outdoor Economy"


Outdoor recreation has long been an economic cornerstone in regions of Colorado but as the “Outdoor Economy” gets the national spotlight pointed at with recent proposed federal legislation aimed at expanding and strengthening the existing outdoor economy, Colorado is being recognized as a role model for other states who want to bolster recreation while preserving the environment.

Head of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, Luis Benitez, sees it as one of the those rare occasions when a economic growth can correspond with improvements with the environment and health. He had this to say when spoke with the Denver Post:

“We are really getting to the point where I think the outdoor industry can save the world. We are so limited on things we all can look at and say this is good for our heritage, our education, our environment, our health and wellness and our economy. The outdoor industry is one of the few things everyone can recognize as vitally important.”

One such piece of legislation that could effect how the profits from Colorado’s outdoor economy are divvied up is the Recreation, Not Red Tape Bill proposed by Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, which includes a clause that allows individual forest to keep fees generated by skiing within their boundaries. To read the entire bill go HERE.




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