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First big gulps now this?

According to, the New York State Senate just passed a bill that would mandate helmet use at New York ski areas for anyone under the age of 14. The law follows sweeping legislation for bicycle helmet use in the state and hopes to prevent adolescents from unnecessary head trauma down road.

“More people, children and adults alike, are wearing helmets each year, recognizing that a traumatic brain injury is life altering. Requiring kids to wear a helmet is a reasonable and smart approach to keep them safe.” – Sen. Betty Little, R-Queensbury,

If caught, parents could face fines up to $50 bucks for each kid without a helmet. However, officials can only issue tickets if the son or daughter is within the presence of the parent. The bill would also mandate ski areas to keep an adequate inventory of helmets to keep everyone protected.

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The bill still faces the state assembly, where a majority vote of nay could stop the legislation in its tracks.

Find the entire article here: NY Senate passes bill requiring skiers under 14 to wear helmets