[Cover Photo: Drew Bledsoe Twitter Page]

While Drew Bledsoe might fall just behind Tom Brady in the heart’s of the Foxborough faithful, he’s easily the number one quarterback when it comes to skiing.

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On Tuesday, Bledsoe confirmed that belief by tweeting out a picture of himself spring skiing with the founder of Cascade Lakes Ale of Bend, OR. Pictured in the selfie is the former Pat’s QB riding alongside his tele-bro in what appears to be an 80’s convertible. Also, he’s sporting a bandana, shades, and a burly tank top in perfect spring style. Although we’re not entirely sure as to where the picture was taken, it’s likely the former NFL QB was on his way to shred Mt Bachelor with boys.

Basically, he’s putting out the vibe way harder than Brady did on his trip to Big Sky this past offseason.

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However unlike Brady, Bledsoe is far from being considered a “vacation skier.” Since retiring from the NFL, Drew moved back home to the Pacific Northwest and now calls Bend, Oregon home. In addition to being a great guy, Drew coaches high school football, runs a winery, and every now and again– finds time to shred the backcountry. Bledsoe’s favorite ski spots include Mt Bachelor, Whitefish, and the occasional Heli-ski mission with Canadian Mountain Holidays.

All we can do now is thank god the famed QB decided to ride chairlifts instead of the announce Patriots/Dolphins games.

Good on ya Drew!