Colorado Mountain Biking Trail Sabotaged With Nails

Colorado Mountain Biking Trail Sabotaged With Nails


Colorado Mountain Biking Trail Sabotaged With Nails


Someone in Colorado seriously hates mountain biking. That realization comes after the public discovered a series of concrete blocks with nails pointed upwards on one of Colorado’s favorite mountain biking trail systems– Buffalo Creek in the Pike National Forest.

The boobytraps in question were found over the weekend near the Little Scraggy Trail and multiple mountain bikers were the victims of flat tires reports The Denver 7. However, flats are the least of their worries. In addition to mountain bikers– hikers, horses, and pets are all in danger of being injured by the apparent booby traps.

“A warning to ALL local trail users: It seems someone is booby traping our local trails. For now, there have been a couple instances on the Little Scraggy Trail. It appears the target may be mountain bikers, but ANYONE on the trail is at risk, including animals (pack animals, horses, dogs, and wildlife).” – I Love Pine Grove, Colorado

So far, US Forest Service officials are investigating the incident and if you have any information regarding the traps, please call their tip line at 303-275-5266.

Find the entire Denver 7 article here: Mountain bikers beware of trail sabotage: Nail strip found buried near ‘Little Scraggy Trailhead’

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