Watch: Hungry Heron Swallows Huge Catfish Whole

Watch: Hungry Heron Swallows Huge Catfish Whole


Watch: Hungry Heron Swallows Huge Catfish Whole


Goliath Heron catches massive barbel (catfish) and swallows it whole.

“The Goliath Heron (Ardea Goliath) is the world’s largest heron, nearly double the size of the Purple Heron. They are 140-150cm in height and weigh roughly 4.30kg. The sexes are alike. It is generally an uncommon resident. Feeds mostly on large fish but also reptiles, frogs and small mammals. Once prey is spotted, it lunges with bill open and stabs the fish. It usually requires 2 to 3 large meals per day.

This footage was captured at an inlake dam called Waterlily Lake. It is one of several lakes on a residential and golf estate, called Pecanwood Estate, located at Hartbeespoort Dam, North West Province, South Africa. The property where Waterlily Lake is located is owned by Country Heights Holdings BHD.

Many species of wildlife have been observed, including the Goliath Herons and Cape Clawless Otters.

Because the water from Hartbeespoort dam is abstracted, and circulated within the inlake dams – it is vital to preserve reed-beds in the inlake dams, as Biological filtering systems. Hartbeespoort dam has historically suffered from toxic blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria); which could easily be transferred to the inlake dams. So having the nutrient filtering reed-beds is crucial. Secondly, the reed-beds provide Aquatic Habitat for many different Wildlife species, thereby promoting Biodiversity.” – The Wildlife at Pecanwood Estate

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