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Photo Credit: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas | Cover Photo: Joseph De Palma
Back in the late 1800’s, Parley P. Pratt settled the backside of the Wasatch in an area that is now considered Park City, Utah. His influence was so strong in the range that those deeded the land named the area “Parley’s Park City.” That name was later shortened to Park City.

History be damned, Vail Resorts wants the trademark on the name “Park City” even though the town by the same name was founded over 60 years before any ski area was founded on the slopes above town. According to the Park Record, Vail Resorts is seeking the trademark in order to defend their brand by preventing any other ski areas or similar businesses from “falsely representing” the Park City name. However, some business already use the name Park City and are worried their brands might suffer as a result of the trademark.

So far, formal talks amongst the Park City Council are set to take place in the coming weeks regarding the move and varying opinions are sure to come up. One point of contention is that the mountain is titled Park City Mountain Resort, not Park City and while a trademark on the resort title seems warranted, the trademark on the town’s name could be considered overreaching.

That said, Vail already owns trademarks on Breckenridge and Vail, which are both towns in addition to ski resorts.

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