Photo Credit: Noah Salasnek GoFundMe Page | Cover Photo: Noah Salasnek Facebook Page

While the mainstream may not recognize the name Noah Salasnek like they do Jeremey Jones, Noah’s influence on the snowboarding world has been undeniable.

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Starting in the 90’s, Noah went from being a professional skateboarder to a snowboarding icon in a move that would become the first of its kind. From progressing in the park to riding big lines in Alaska, Salasnek mastered every aspect of snowboarding and ultimately became a godfather of the sport.

Since giving his life to skating, snowboarding, and the people around him, Noah is now asking for your help. After battling with cancer in recent months, treatments are proving expensive and friends of Noah have set up a GoFundMe page to help support him with medical costs. Please donate to help Noah during this trying time.

Donate here: Noah Salasnek Needs Your Help

“Noah is currently fighting cancer. Although he has health insurance, he is acquiring many bills he can not afford. He has no family and no one to turn to but his friends and the general public to help him through these tough times. We are  getting him the best medical care possible and making sure he is comfortable. He is currently in Lake Tahoe where he can be with his friends and focus on healing. Anything you can do to help would mean a lot to Noah.” – Mike McEntire, Dave & Melinda Hatchett, Mike Hatchett, Chris Roach, Monty Roach, Aaron & Lory Vincent

Thankfully, Vice Sports included Noah in their Powder and Rails web series. Below is their documentary on Salasnek’s life and his impact on snowboarding today.

Part 1

Part 2